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This morning we had a later start - 8.15 on the bus. We met our local guide Melanie who is English and she has the best sense of humour. She has lived in Italy with her husband for 25 years. She took us through a castle (we can't remember the name) and then through Parma to the magnificent cathedral. It was quite modest from the outside but inside it was one of the most ornate we have seen so far. We had some free time to explore the town square and then we drove to Modena for balsamic vinegar tasting.

We tried some vinegar that was 100 years old and it was thick like honey and was so flavoursome. They gave us a light lunch of pizza and cheese with balsamic vinegar and then it was off to the Ferrari Gallery in Maranello.

The gallery is really well set up and the cars were beautiful. You could take as many photos as you like and they featured their formula one cars as well as street cars and the silverware won by their drivers.

We had time for a quick shower and then back on the bus at 5pm to meet Melanie who took us through Montechiarugolo Castle in a town about 20 minutes from Parma. It is a privately owned castle and it was a very interesting experience. The castle was built in the 13th century.

We then had dinner at a local restaurant which was touted in the trip itinerary as a "light dinner with regional specialities" and it was definitely light. I really enjoyed it but when we got on the bus Katarina asked how many people wanted to drive through McDonalds on the way home! The meal consisted of 3 ravioli then a spoon of penne with a tomato sauce then tempura veges, grilled zucchini and capsicum, a weird chopped up chicken thing which was about a tablespoon full, a meatball thing the size of a truffle and a spinach and ricotta thing that looked like a fish cake and great Tirimisu. Katarina has promised us meat for dinner tomorrow night! We have an Italian family that live in Melbourne on tour with us - 2 parents and their adult daughters who are older than Michael and I. They are really nice and Bruno (the Dad) said that the size of the serve of pasta we got is the size his wife gives him to test if the pasta is cooked!

We get to sleep in tomorrow - yay!

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