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I need to make these entries short because the site times out after a certain time and I lose everything. that's why I am doing multiple entries.

Still wandering the markets....3 young guys were assembling themselves with bass drums on their backs. ...this could be interesting. ...and it w. These guys did some amazing stuff while beating the drums. ...another video.

Now 2ish so time for lunch. Walking away from the market we noticed a café with a queue out the door. ..a sure sign of good food. So, we got in the queue and noticed a sign on the door "maximum people 80"....there's also about 6 small tables outside on the footpath. Terris hoping to get one of those

Now, what Terri hopes for, usually Terri gets and sure enough just when we get to the head of the queue a group at one of the outside tables magically gets up and leaves. What can I say?'s a gift.

I had a steak and chips with an egg, I have to say one of the best I've ever had and all for $15. Terri had octopus and a beer I was having trouble pronouncing. I tried the local Inka Cola...not too bad.

Lunch over we decided to head back to the hotel for a snooze. ..this walking can be tiring

To be continued. ...

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