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Spent about an hour on the mountain, some stunning views from there. Down at the bottom we chatted with a guy in a tourist booth who told us we could get money changed at a market place if we don't mind a bit of a walk. My 30000 pesos were evaporating fast and it was a nice day so off we went.

A young lady with a guy appeared to be admiring my hat and she came straight up to us and said she liked it. ...very friendly these Santiageans. Her guy had a guitar and a flute and said he wanted to play some music for us while his lady danced. we got an impromptu performance from a couple of locals and I have a video to prove it. ...and quite an exotic erotic dance I must add.

Kept on walking until we found another huge public open space and the markets. Lots of stalls selling various stuff but refreshingly no one is in our faces trying to get us to buy. ..not like in Cusco where at times we had 4or 5 around us all pestering for a sale.

We found a money changer and I got myself a wad of pesos.

Wandered through the throng of people, Terri bought 5 Zumba dvd's for 5000 pesos. ..about $8

More to come

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