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The street in Cusco where our hotel is

town square Cusco

Road rage at its best

Peruvian taxi. ..thousands of these

More. ..none in Cusco. ..but everywhere else

Writing this from Santiago now, wifi good enough to add pics. These are a few from Cusco. I think part of the motion sickness is also the aforementioned altitude sickness. Along with the light headedness there is also nausea. ..any exertion like walking up hill can bring it on. Our Cusco hotel was up quite a hill. I actually felt the sickness more than Terri.

Saw plenty of these little 3 wheel taxis in every town between Lima and Cusco. ..looks like they're scooter based. ..motor bike handle bars. Common to see 6 or 7 in a group.

Arrived Lima bus station 21.5 hours after leaving Cusco, still a bit squeamish but feeling ok. Outside is a taxi rank with a price to the airport of 40 Peruvian sols. Remembering back to when we arrived at the airport we were quoted US $ 65 for a taxi to the bus station. ...that's almost 200 Peruvian sols for the same journey. Some thuggery going on here. I only had US$ so our driver 1st took us to a guy in the street who changed some money for us, at a far better rate than the money changers in Cusco.

About a 50 minute drive and we're at the airport. ..a guard (with a gun )at the gate stopped us and our driver had to produce 4 different documents before we could go in. Scary stuff.

We were able to check in straight away even though we were early.

Had a light lunch and a decent Starbucks coffee. Tried the airport wifi, strong signal but only free for 10 minutes. Browsed through a few shops and just people watched until time to board

Not sure how it happened but somehow we're up the back in the crèche. ..quite a few cranky kids. ...Terris happy but I'm thinking it's lucky the flight is only 3 hours.

Flight wasn't too bad. ..managed some sleep. ....arrived Santiago 10.30 pm.

Coming out to immigration we're directed to a different booth because, according to the guy, we have to pay a "tourist fee"....I'm ok with that until I realize that there's only 2 countries in the whole world who have to pay this to stay in Chilet,...Mexico and us. Serious. Mexicans pay $23 and we pay $117...each. Terri asked me if we had beaten them at soccer sometime in the past. I'd love to know the answer to this. Probably Paul Keating. ....Paul Keating and Bob Hawke.

Anyway can't argue with authority. ..they weren't even particularly pleasant about it. Paid our money and got out to find our taxi waiting. Half an hour later we're in our very nice (old ) hotel in Santiago and well and truly knackered. ..been a long 34 hours since leaving Cusco. ...but we're still smilin'

Santiago tmorra

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