view from a nearby hill overlooking the park

the other half of the park

we waited for a beautiful sunset, that happens each evening

We were visited by friends while staying here, the Trosts and the...

This is how we transfer everything BACK to the 5'er

We can park the 5'er in front for 24 hours... the it...

We departed Brenda at 3:30 p.m. (just couldn't wait for morning) after prepping the home to last the summer without our being there. That included placing several buckets of water on the floor throughout the house to keep some moisture in the air. Other things done included covering the windows with reflective insulation, disconnecting the water and electricity, stacking the patio furniture in the shed, covering the furniture, disconnecting all the equipment, TV, radios, clocks, refridge.

We only drove 120 miles to Needles, CA to stay the night at Desert View park. Our route was to Parker, cross the river, north on US 95 to I-40 and to Needles. We ate at the Wagon Wheel restaurant in town, a well known ol' time restaurant.

We have departed Brenda early due to Donna, a sister-in-law up in Eugene that has been put in hospice care at her home. Her husband, Becky's brother, Tim called to let us know her time is not long.

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