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Osprey Helicopter from Camp LeJeune. "The Widowmaker."

Bike Week at the Harley Store - right across the street from...

These folks were building elaborate castles, waiting for the sea to gobble...

Alligator on the beach

Duffy was allowed on the beach here - great!

Our second MB home.

Lazy lazy river. Now this is a vacation!

Splash pool for the kids, and some adventurous oldsters, too.

Swimming Pool at Pirateland

Site 220, twenty yards from the beach!

Looking from the beach back at our street. We are 4th on...

Myrtle Beach is a lovely beach area on the Atlantic Ocean. The mock orange was in bloom, and the aroma was so delightful that I insisted on leaving the windows rolled down, even in the heat of the day.

While not as pristine as the Gulf beaches, the sand was sandy, the waves were wavy, the sun was sunny, and the ocean was salty. We spent several lovely days on what is known as the "Grand Strand." Larry picked up a nice sunburn, which browned up nicely after a few itchy days, and my tan is coming along nicely - (Thanks, Dad for my resilient skin!!)

Yes, I know we shouldn't expose ourselves to the sun, but I figure the rare days we are able to do this probably won't hurt.....please, no lectures...

Myrtle Beach is near Camp LeJeune, with the resulting C130s and Osprey helicopters flying overhead, which added an interesting sidebar to the time we spent there.

There was a huge event in town. It was BIKE WEEK in Myrtle Beach, with thousands and thousands of Harleys in town. We spent our first three nights at Myrtle Beach State Park, which was a pleasant oasis in the center of town, but right on the beach. Because of the bikers, however, this park was extremely noisy and crowded. After our prepaid three nights, because we wanted to stay in more of a resort atmosphere, we moved down the beach to a place with the unlikely name of "PIRATELAND."

We spent a mini-vacation there in a spot only a few yards from the beach. I'll tell you - this place was expensive at $47/night, (but that seems to be the going rate on the eastern seaboard,) and it was realy fun!

We divided our time between the pool area amd the beach - tough times. The pool area had a 'lazy river,' where a person could float for hours in an innertube, a HUGE, but shallow, pool, and a splash pool complete with pirate ship, that the grandkids would have adored!

There were several other ACE motorhomes there, and we had conversations with some of the other owners about the quality of their homes. The general consensus was that, even though these coaches are not the most solidly built, and have some flaws, they are really fun to drive, and the floor plans are the best out there. Nice people live in ACE coaches!

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