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After a brief phone conversation with the manager using her poor French...

Bill using his French (?) asking them to open the gate.

He said pardon a lot!

Voila!! The gate finally opens.

I cheated and used the picture from the next day, because it...

There were about 10 spots with power on a high plateau.

The camp was barely open, but the owners were very accomodating.

It was lovely and quiet here! No one for miles.

During the season this is their restaurant area.

The view of the valley below us.

Monday, April 27th

We woke up to pouring rain. Picking up the briefcase back in Valence was on the agenda so off we went.

It poured rain for the whole 2 hr. trip north via the autoroute. Without too much difficulty we found the police HQ for Valence. One of the constables spoke reasonable English and was able to find The briefcase. Did I mention that a JR. officer had found it at the next rest station down the road.

Bill was grateful to get it back as there were papers and connectors, etc still in the bag.

Unfortunately, no hearing aides, phones nor computer! Because the original report had not be made at this station we were instructed to head to the station where the report had been filed to make the adjustment of adding the hearing aides.(Yes, really we did)

This turned out to be quite frustrating as know one spoke English here. I stayed in the RV and when Bill came out he was just a little testy.

That all behind us we headed to a campground just south of Nimes. We were pretty confident we were heading in the right direction as we had entered the right coordinates on the GPS.

Alas Richard said we were there and we weren't. We found another campsite,entered their coordinates and set off to find it. After traveling around the city and out another country road we went to turn into the lane as instructed by "Richard" only to find it was a private lane and entrance was forbidden.

This time I picked up the phone and called the number listed. A very French speaking woman answered. I didn't panic but asked her in my broken French if we were in the right spot and she replied in her broken English - something, finally we came to the conclusion we turned in one lane too soon.

So with relief Bill backed out onto the little highway and we headed to the next lane. Thru the gate we went and along a twisting winding uphill one way trail to find a little area for about 10 campers in an old orchard. The grounds must have been something in their day. It was quite rustic now but comfortable.

We were glad to be off the road.

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