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Boardwalk in Naxos.

Yes Naxos has ruins

Some rough waves on Naxos - it was 32 degrees 2 days...

Lots of interesting little side streets

This store was completely covered.The one fellow was drinking ouzo and enjoying...

I had to include one cat picture - they have been plentiful...

interesting combination of laundry and pots. Lots of colourful pots here.

Small side streets and interesting homes.

A serious cat conversation.

The wind continued to blow all night in Mykonos. I guess those north winds were just an indication of the day ahead. We assume that is why our fast ferry was very late and took longer to get from point A to point B. Onto the ferry and the first order of business was to ask the people in our seats to leave. Surprisingly enough the water wasn't bad and we arrived late but not sick. The ferry was jammed and there really wasn't much of a system to put the bags on for the different locations. As a result, 7 of us got off fairly easy but poor Susan couldn't find her bag. They almost pushed her off and said she'd get the bag in an hour when suddenly this green bag came down the ramp which was immediately pulled off on they were on their way to Santorini.

We got to the pic up location and no van but this strange little taxi driver saying he was suppose to take us with another taxi to the hotel. He didn't seem to have much information despite holding a sign saying Volker ( our travel agent in Vernon). Thankfully another one showed up who knew what was happening and we were off to the hotel. Another lovely small hotel one block from the water and in the centre of town.

We all managed to explore a bit of the town and of course eat and drink. It is a very charming place and definitely not as busy as Mykonos. People are friendly, there are many interesting sights and shops and prices seem to be considerably cheaper.

We explored the castle and walked along the sea walk. Nit is still very windy here and now that evening has arrived it has cooled off a lot.

Many things closed down from 2 to 6 and then stay open until late. Most shops will be closed tomorrow, Sunday but we have a tour for most of the day. Somehow I don't think it will be hard to spend the next few days here.

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