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The view from our hotel in Kusadasi. There were 3 cruise ships...

Ephesus. Even with the crowds, it was a spectacular place to visit.

The library

Restoration of the merchants' homes. This is a view from what would...

Archeologists at work.

Directions to the brothel. Left foot=turn left at next corner. Woman's face...

The theatre ... as I recall, it is the largest in Turkey.

Lunch ... prepared in clay pots. It was delicious.

This was the best lunch ... and likely will not be topped.!

Yes, it was crowded in areas. But, there are lots of place...


Along our way to Kusadasi, we stopped at Troy. There is little that remains of the original site, but they have built a Trojan Horse (actual size) that we could climb. A bit of an amusement park feeling. It would be a place that I would skip if I was passing through again.

Arriving at Kusadasi, I am a bit reminded of Waikiki. There are loads of hotels going up from the bay that have perfect views of the ocean. But, they are a bit on the tired side and need some upgrades. Like many of our other hotels, the included dinner is bland with very poor choices. The main street is riddled with restaurants all proclaiming they have the best food in town. Ah well, we are here to see ruins.

There are three cruise ships in port the morning we head to Ephesus. It's quite warm with temperatures in the high 20s and low 30s. So, we are not surprised to see the site full of groups ... literally hundreds, all hot and sweaty, trying to maintain their footing on large, uneven marble steps and streets. It is a huge site with more intact buildings than many other sites in the world. One of our group, Carey, is an archeologist from Pennsylvania who will be defending her thesis this fall. She is a wealth of information, very friendly, and was always quite happy to answer questions.

At Ephesus, about 10 years ago, archeologists started to work on merchant houses that are 3 storeys tall. On the lower levels, merchants had their shops, on the middle level, their common areas like kitchen and on top, the bedrooms. I could not believe how many of the wall frescoes and floor mosaics were still intact. They just opened up this part about 2 years ago after many years of work. We noticed many signs from various countries who are working on joint projects with Turkish archeologists. We were at Ephesus for 3 hours and I still would have loved more time to explore and would, next time, also visit the site in the evening when it's lit up and there are fewer cruise ship visitors.

So far, this is a highlight and we are both looking forward to seeing more.

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