EUROPE2015 The trilogy begins in the north travel blog

We are ready to tackle the drive back to Paris. Pam wants...

If you look at the GPS it is clear we are at...

We glance at each other and both say at the same time,...

As it gets closer I close my eyes & try to remember...

It was not this bad but, it felt like it to us.

into the arch of death road the two of us.

Our return to Paris took us through Chartres, France. There is cathedral there Pam really wanted to see. More on that later.

The drive was a breeze just follow the talking GPS. We sped like a rocket into the unknown. As you will see by the photo of the GPS screen. The Citron was smooth and responsive in Pam's capable hands. She beamed with confidence as we shot into the abiss. Little knowing what lies ahead. We had to return the car by 20:00, so at about 18:00 we were getting into some Paris commute trafic. We both laughed and I said these people should try driving in LA if they want to see some real commute traffic. Famous last words. Its not the amount of cars that makes it a tough drive, it's also who you are driving with! The French have an interesting form of driving etiquette. It involves the center finger of either hand. Yes, they are amedexterious. Little did they know American women are too, and they can multi-task at the same time. I think, at least, a few of them developed a new respect (or deep hatred)for America women drivers that day.

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