Victory Lighthouse...


The best zoom I could get of the top..

Last one of the Victory Lighthouse..

Another cool lighthouse in Trieste..

People enjoying the area..


Trieste is a beautiful city..




Last one!

We have noticed some beautiful lighthouses in this area. One very special one is the Victory or Vittoria Lighthouse. It shines down on the Gulf of Trieste and is one of the tallest in the world. If you love lighthouses, don't miss this one. It is well worth the trip to visit the site of the lighthouse where you can take some magnificent pictures of the Gulf and city below. I was also able to spot the beautiful castle in the distance.

The Vittoria Light (or Victory Lighthouse), sits on Gretta Hill and sends its beam down towards Trieste helping ships navigate the Gulf below. At a height of 223 feet (68 m) it is one of the tallest lighthouses in the world.

The lighthouse designed by Arduino Berlam and sculptor Giovanni Mayer was completed in 1927 and the structure also commemorates the fallen of the first world war, as testified by the inscription "SHINE AND REMIND OF THE FALLEN AT SEA MCMXV-MCMXVIII" The Crow's Nest covered with a copper dome is topped by the famous statue from Mayer called "Winged Victory".

The site of the lighthouse is open to the public but only the lower part is accessible.

The lantern stands at about 130 meters above average sea-level and it is made up by a lighting body of an average power of 1,250,000 candles with a range of 34 - 35 nautical miles.

I am adding the best pictures I could zoom in on this one and hope you enjoy. Check back later for more from Trieste, Italy.

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