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This Citron looks small but, it is the average size car here.

The mustard fields are so bright we needed our sunglasses. Excause me,...

There are many reminders here of the Nazi presences on this beach.

This is a section of the floating pier used to off load...

They were huge in size and important to the mission. Look out...

At Pointe du Hoc Hitler had plenty fire power. This is the...

And, they were not out in the open like that one.

Check out the reinforced concrete on this one.

The craters you see in this photo were created by the Allied...

This site had several bunkers to explore.

The American Cemetery was one of the few place we saw the...

There were many labeled this way.


Today we travel by car to Caen, France and the Normandy Beaches. Our car is a small Citron with a manual transmission. Pam wisely demanded that we pay the 16 euros per day for a GPS. It really payed off on our return to Paris.

On our drive we planned to visit Giverny and Monet's Garden but, the rain finally caught up with us. But, as turns out we stopped at a wonderful little French restaurant for a great lunch. As we drove on we could not believe the scenery. Other than the gorgeous fields of mustard, we felt like we were back in Sonoma county. WINE COUNTRY!

Our lodging is in the small village of Etterville (another AirBNB) did not disappoint. Our host Claire had us in for drinks and conversation. The only mistake we made was, the stores close early in the rural areas. But, you can always count on McDonalds anywhere.

The next day we visited some of the D-Day beach sites and the American Cementery. As you will see the German heavy bunkers and barbed wire remain. Only the weapons that shelled the Allied troupe have been removed. This is a cold and sobering reminder left by the French. We saw many groups of young school children on field trips. The Europeans are determined to make sure future generations don't forget. Almost every time we turn on a television here we see documentaries on WWII.

Our final stop of the day, was the American Cementary. It over looks Omaha beach. As an American it is hard to figh off the tears wheh visiting. Especially if you are a parent of a US service person. Our appreciation of the sacrifices made here took on a whole new perspective after this visit. As noted on the arch upon visiting, this not a place for fun but, a place of respect. Please keep control of your children and animals. On our way in a gentleman was being scolded by a docent to control his dog or leave.

Tomorrow we take Misterm Toads ride back to Paris. Sit down shut up & faster your seat belt.

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