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Relax day... Ahhhhh.( we're not very good at relaxing....)


Wow, happy our travel agent suggested no Milan because of Expo!

Checking in to Cotorna farm house tomorrow.










The farm had a large infinity pool on the property, today was the day we set aside to relax by the blue blue water pool. Towels, sunscreen, sun glasses., we lasted just shy of 45 minutes and we couldn't sit still. (Took us longer to prepare for the rest than how long we relaxed!)

We showered and set out exploring for one last time before we leave this area. Tomorrow we move to a farm stay near Cortona.

Went out for one last San Gimignano walk in the countryside, Locals are driving by now and waving to us. They understand that man from Canada waves and smiles to everyone.

We bought a gorgeous bouquet of wonderfully smelling fresh cut flowers to bring to Maria Luisa - our cooking teacher we met later in the afternoon. She is 76 years old now, and her husband helps her in the kitchen but he is 78 now and it is very hard work. They teach only 3 classes per year now! Maria was so appreciative of the bouquet of flowers, she had Eddo search out the right size vase immediately. Preparing for, cooking/teaching in hard work for the eldery couple. An amazing experience to go behind those stone walls in the main square of San Gimignano and walk into their apartment. Maria's family has lived there for 300 years. It's unimaginable how many treasures they have collected a lot of treasures in their welcoming home in that time. Family Photos, pictures (one of the farm house we are staying in before it was restored and pool added!) books, furniture, China, antiques, and many items Eddo gave us a bit of history on. He was an engineer building and restoring in Italy. And received many fine wines from the cellars while he worked there. He opened a bottle of 1971. , decanted it and proudly poured us each a glass. Among many different wines and stories he shared.

The kitchen smelled of fresh herbs and bread when we walked in. Fresh bright vegetables, eggs, lamb and wild boar were set out. There were bowls of flour, salt, butter, whole nutmeg, bottles of olive oil, potatoes sitting everywhere in the small kitchen that held family heirlooms.The meal and experience was fabulous fabulous!!!!

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