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Put wine and olive man was being translated for us!

olive oil at home will never be the same purchase again.

gnochhi -- the best best ever!

Homemade ravioli was one big square of goodness instead of little at...

italian clothes dryers suck! Mine at home blows diff temp of air,...



Vaguely remember agreeing to travel to this place soon. Seemed like a...

Aided by Rolaids, Tylenol, few bottles H2O, we Drove over to Sienna. Our olive oil tasting, yet another wine tasting, home made pasta and walking tour thru the city with a knowledgable, wonderful guide. Olive oil will never be the same to us, how wonderful that experience was!

Thought we'd be gone only a few hours, but it turned out to be an exciting full day trip. Back to the farm and visited again with the same friends we just made. We all cooked pasta together, and of course drank wine. Said our good bye to our new friends from the Netherlands, as they are leaving in the morning. Shel of course invited everyone to Whitecourt, while we were sipping wine it sounded like a great idea to the whole group.

This morning shel and I were out for an early morning stroll discussing how we are getting full of wine tastings. A Volkswagon Jetta drove by, slammed the brakes on, and backed up. It was Matt and Joyce, the couple from the Netherlands as they are going on to their next destination. They said "we bought this bottle of wine for you two to say thank you for such a wonderful time!" We're not done with wine yet... Won't fit in my luggage! Lol

What's this NDP rumour??

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