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Lots of agricultural fields around Boise, including huge fields of mustard.

Mustard fields.

Of course, we had to visit a winery while we were here.

Fortunately this winery has many of the wines I actually buy.

Kristine helping her mother exit the winery. HaHa.

I believe those snow capped mountains are the back of the Sawtooth...

We saw lots of wildflowers including mountain laurel, lupine, blue bonnets, and...




Somewhere in the foothills.

We eventually had to cross this little bridge.


Here's the herd of cattle we followed.

They claimed the road.

It was so cool to watch the cowboys (and the dogs) herd...

This was the cliff they were steering the cattle around.

They weren't too concerned about us passing beside them.

Bluebird houses all along the road we were on.

They are pretty.





This is the snake that claimed the road.


At first we thought this was some sort of Musk Ox! Discovered...

And Wow again. I have many more photos and they are all...

We have been in Boise for over 2 weeks now and despite the fact I have had both feet on the brakes, we are being dragged down life’s road way too fast. We are having a lot of fun with Kristine and doing lots of fun things, but are already starting to feel the anxiety of having to leave her. We have another 2 weeks here and will try to make the most of it. Kristine starts her new job on Monday, so our time will be limited with her, but we will make the most of it.

Since we arrived in Boise, the weather has been great. Sunny skies and temps in the 60s and 70s, with one half day of rain (which they need badly here). This area is so beautiful and there is so much to do, we are enjoying it all. We even found time to get our car into an auto repair shop to have the airconditioning fixed, finally. Ed has been spending time on his Daddy-Do list and playing pickleball, and Kristine and I have been doing some shopping and eating out. They have some great thrift stores here and we have found some real bargains.

Kristine has taken us on some beautiful day trips and one night we went to BoDo (Boise Downtown) to a wine bar called Bodovino. And although we have been to many a winery for tasting, this was very different. The place was very chic-chic and there were wine stations all over the bar space with about 6-8 bottles of wine at a station where you could choose which wine you wanted to try and then push a button for a taste, a ½ glass, or a full glass. Prices were $1.00 - $45.00 which you paid for with a loaded card that automatically deducted whatever you had chosen from the card. Lots of comfortable seating and an extensive appetizer menu. Lots of fun.

There is a lot of wilderness in Idaho and within an hour’s drive of Boise you find some of the most amazing and beautiful scenery we have seen - and we have seen a lot. One day we took a drive into the Owayhee Mountains and through some beautiful agricultural and grazing lands. We made a stop at the Bruneau sand dunes and had a picnic at the park where Ed and Kristine climbed the dunes. (Who knew Idaho had sand dunes!)

Another day, Kristine took us to Idaho City, about 40 miles away, following the Boise River on a beautiful drive through the national forest. Idaho City was an historic mining town and the original capitol of Idaho. It is now a very small town with not much going for it, but someone decided it would be a great place for a luxury natural hot springs spa. I did not anticipate how nice it would be when Kristine suggested we go, but was “wowed” when we got there. Beautiful facility and the pool was huge and warm and so relaxing. There was also a hot tub, steam sauna, massage tent, and food and beverage service poolside. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Yesterday’s trip may have been the best yet. Kristine took us on a drive north and east of Boise headed toward the tiny town of Prairie. We started out on pavement which quickly turned to a hard-packed dirt road through some of the most gorgeous vistas we have ever seen. And boy did we see a lot. Wildlife included a bald eagle that flew low right over our car, sandhill cranes, bluebirds, curlews, geese, ducks, a yellow breasted blackbird (which I had never seen before), rabbits, pronghorn deer, woodchuck, prairie dogs, and many others including a snake in the middle of the road who refused to move just because we were there. There were also wildflowers of lots of varieties, and so many different geological areas we were in awe. From snow-capped mountains to mountain lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, deep canyons, green hillsides, lava fields, the road meandered up and down and all around the foothills of the Sawtooth Mountains. We went through areas where forest fires had devoured the trees and grasses and the Forest Services has now piled up the dead trees into huge piles of debris, apparently to burn when the weather cooperates.

The most exciting part of the trip for me was when we unexpectedly ended up in the middle of a cattle drive. We were driving on the mostly deserted dirt road when we turned a corner and there was about 100 head of cattle followed by 2 cowboys on horseback and 3 herding dogs. They had been moving them along the side of the road (open range) but just as we approached them, they were in the process of steering them onto the curvy road to avoid the steep cliff just ahead as they were moving them to another grazing land about 2 miles down the road. So we followed behind them slowly at a respectful distance until the cowboys waved us through and the dogs herded the cattle off the road so we could pass. They all moved over for us except one bull who sauntered in front of our car, as if to say, “this is my road and I will get off it at my own pace.” It was really cool to see all this and it was a real “scratch off.” (Corinne knows what that means!)

Looking forward to more adventures with Kristine. Stay tuned.

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