Euro-Asia trip 2015 travel blog





The day started early as we had a 7;30 am cab to the airport.

We ordered cab from Hilton, and the guy chose a short cut to the airport. Will all those curves Matt ended up suck and vomited on me. Had to change clothes before catching the flight.

Only 1:45 min and we were in Singapore. Jetstar, very good low cost airline.

The day was basically finishing packing. As air Asia destroyed my luggage in the flight hong kong-Phuket, I went to kashiyama and got a new one.

Also a quick visit to the Paragon, nice shopping mall with a great food market.

Luckily found Matt milk, last can, $68 SGD! Pricy baby!

At 23h we were in Singapore airport and had a smooth flight to Barcelona. Singapore airlines crew is amazing! Very very helpful. Was the best intercontinental flight with Matt so far. He slept a lot a basically didn't cry.

My little traveler!

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