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Thursday 23rd April

Friday 24th April

Today we took as a leisure day. We could of gone to Troy or on a number of excursions but instead decided to go into Canakkale – as our ship was docked at a cargo terminal a bit out of town – booked 5 years ago by Military History Tours, as well as All Buses, and our own private car ferries to go over to the Peninsula. This saved us a lot of time and mucking around and meant we were able to see much more.

Don got stuck on the boat with customs because he did not go to Lemnos (Greece) with us and that was a bit of a problem with custom officials apparently. So Mavis, Ross, Jenny (another lady on board) Paul and me headed off at 10.30ish on a local bus -2 lira (the cruise ship wanted to charge us $10 us one way in a shuttle). It was an interesting trip with the locals. The bus was full, half way into town and Paul gave up his seat to a mother with a babe. I was handed the babe so she could organize her dress and had a lovely cuddle of a bright eyed 18-month-old boy. Halfway there I started to notice that the bus was going along back streets because there were roadblocks. I looked up and saw snipers on the roofs of some buildings. The bus was finally stopped by the Police and told we had to walk because of the Turkish National Day Commemorations). So here we were in the middle of a strange city, no map, could not talk the lingo and were not sure where to go with snipers on the roof all around us. A lovely young Turkish girl (student training to be an early childhood teacher) and another lady spoke to us using her iphone and directed us into the city. We tried to tip her but she didn’t want anything. In the city I managed to get new frames for my sunnies (someone barged into the toilet the night before on me and broke my frames – being prescription I really needed them). After a short while of looking for some glasses we had had enough and caught a taxi home. Now we did something we have always told our children not to do. 5 of us climbed into a taxi – A corolla. Ross took the front seat, Jenny the edge seat, Mavis the middle and I sat on Paul’s knee. The cab trip became the most memorable of the day. The driver had his BOOM BOX going and made sure he kept on turning the music back so we got the best booms out of the music at +++++++++ decibels – JET AIRCRAFT. He went at full throttle, beeped any pedestrian, cars out of the way There appear to be no road rules in this country. He then stated he was crazy. Paul didn’t think we would make it to the first block. He told me to close my eyes and hold on. Then the driver managed to find every speed hump he could making sure my head hit the roof and the BOOM BOX BOOMED. For the privilege of that ride back to the boat we paid 50 Turkish LIRA.

When we got home Don, Jill presented me with a funnel?????? Unfortunately it is to big.

After returning Paul had to be on the bus for Anzac Day by 7pm that night. With Jim, Dave, Will. Paul forgot his tag and had to sprint back to our cabin for it. The boys were all given two bags of packed lunches, one for breakfast, one for lunch the next day – trading started straight away. The cheese was never high on the list. He then waited on the bus at the dock beside the ship waiting for a ferry to Ecabat to 10.00pm that night? They had to make three checkpoints before the road was closed to them. He then went on a bus to Akbus for registration (Bus No 291).

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