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Our boat

Turkish W.W.2. bunkers

Turkish Fort - W.W.2.

Turkish memorial at Ekeabat- seen from boat.


Turkish memorial

Turkish memorial

Turkish marching practice at memorial

Turkish marching at their memorial

Turkish marching

Turkish marching

Our graves.

Our graves

Commemoration wall at Ekeabat

Tuesday 21st April.

After overnight travelling we are finally in Canakkale. Paul got seasick last night at dinner. To day is the start of three days touring around the Battle Fields. It commences at 7.00am. (Considering we didn’t actually get into Canakkale until 7.30 pm because the tug boats wanted a bribe to work before 7.00am we started the day a bit late). I am learning that in Turkey money talks. Today we have an early breakfast and leave the ship with a boxed lunch. There is a three-day plan, everyone visiting 4-5 sites each day in Beach, Hills or Helles zones. We climbed onto a bus, which then drove onto a car ferry and arrived at Eceabat. My first experience of starting blocks on the boats – which I was amazed I did use (having no option). I really wished I purchased one of those funnels from the camping shops back in Aussie. Must remember that for travelling in Turkey next time.

Today we went to V-Beach & River Clyde . Everywhere we went were cemeteries. Some of the cemeteries had only a dozen head stones with hundreds of people buried underneath in unmarked graves. One place we went to was the Turkish Memorial and they were practicing for the Turkish Memorial day, which was on the 24th with band and marching. Lots of shiny guns and troops in need of practice. Glass panels of Turkish dead behind glass headstones (20 names each side to a panel. It was eerie. There losses were as great as ours and sad – as they were defending their homeland. Australian surfboat association are on board with us and we saw them rounding the cape into Morto Bay. Drove past (after the boats gathered – some swimming – looked cold). After that we went to Lancashire Landing. The historians at each post made the whole Anzac story come to life and made us aware of the significant loses on both sides with the British Generals commandeering from a safe haven and not considering the loss of the colonials. Saw our first Aboriginal headstone. Long day – worst part was coming back and standing in the cold before we could be processed before climbing on the boat.

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