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Date: April 26, 2015

Weather: partly sunny, thunderstorms

Temperature: start 73º

High 79º

Wildlife count: Squirrel, Swamp Rabbit

Year List: 278

Birds: Little Blue Heron, European Starling, Gray Catbird, Blue Jay, Scarlet Tanager, Baltimore Oriole, Green Heron, Dickcissel, Orchard Oriole, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Bronzed Cowbird pair, Barn Swallow, Tree Swallow, Purple Martin, Prothonotary Warbler, Killdeer, Common Nighthawk, Northern Mockingbird, Great-tailed Grackle, White-crowned Sparrow, Brown Thrasher,

This was our last morning to worship in Anahuac and we thanked the folks for their wonderful hospitality – and they applauded! Lunch at Chelsea’s with Jim and Karen before they left for Karen’s home for the week – they are working long-distance on organizing for a long trip.

We drove over to Winnie via I-10, fueled the truck and picked up a few items at the grocery. After all was put away, we wanted to get just a few more opportunities to bird High Island, but it was a very quiet day there. All we heard was, ‘you should have been here yesterday!’ Of course, we had to work.

On the way home, we drove through the Skillern Tract, but it was quiet as well. When we got home, we sat outdoors and watched our own little woodlot – a mulberry tree, a live oak, and one other large-leafed tree. It was FULL of birds! Most all of what we saw today was in our own backyard – how often that happens – in life as well.

We had picked up a rotisserie chicken and a few pieces of that with garlic bread made a light supper. What a good relaxing day.

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