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Soft shell tortoise

snowy egret....I think!

beautiful beach and water.

Ruddy Turnstone

I spent a lazy afternoon in a stare-fight with this cutie.

St. Andrews Park in Panama City was very crowded because of the popular location. Like most who were there, we took advantage of the beautiful white sandy beach every chance we got.

After the muddy gulf waters of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, this pristine water and sparkling white powder-like sand was a thoroughly welcome change.

As for birds, we saw nothing new except for a blue and white long-necked marsh bird that as of this writing, we have not yet identified.

The last day we were there, it was cloudy and we spent a lazy day in camp with Duffy, who loved having us there. In Florida, dogs are not allowed on any beach, so Duff was unable to run in the sand like he did on all the other beaches we visited.

There was no reason to stay at St Andrews in the rain, so we headed toward the Atlantic Coast, by way of Osceola National Forest.

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