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Waking up in Manitoba seemed no different than any other place we had been, until we looked outside and could see the sky over night had clouded over and was begining to rain... lightly, but was rain.

Today was going to be a busy one... we had to get packed up and on the road early. Michelle had found us a place to camp for the next night which included two golf courses... and they were open... Mike was all for that, and if we did things right we would be finished golf and back in the RV in time to watch the Senators play hockey against Montreal.

Leaving Brandon, the rain became occasional, eventually stopped and the sky started to clear. By the time we hit Winnipeg it was sunny and warm again... At one point along the highway they had put up signs for drivers to be able to do Mileage Checks... a chance to see how well your odometer in the car is calibrated... Okie Dokie... the sign came up to start... we pass it, we take a reading of ours 24,118.1 ... and we are off and running... So as we drive along we see the signs, One Kilometre, two Kilometre, .... nine Kilometre... and then Ten.... and we are at 24,124.3 .... something is wrong with our mileage machine.... oh crap, our dashboard is still in miles not kilometres... I know simple things for simple minds, but we laughed. The next time we came across one of those Mileage Check points we realized that it actually said Odometer Check... hmmmm. Another thing that we started to see was the bilingual signs along the road. Yes we were moving towards the east.

We saw the arches of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers stadium from the highway. Also passed a sign on the Trans-Canada Highway about 30 kilometres southeast of Winnipeg marking the longitudinal (east-west) centre of Canada at 96 degrees, 38 minutes and 45 seconds west. So we've passed the centre of the country!

We found our camp for the night and quickly setup. We loaded up our clubs in the golf cart and we were off and running. Beautiful sunshine and the temperature was over 25 :-)In the end, it was a very close game between Mike and Michelle. Like always it came down to the last hole to see who won and lost. (We tied!)

So now it's time to get the BBQ out and ready, pour another cocktail, sit back and wait for the Hockey game to begin... Go Sens Go! Catch you all tomorrow, somewhere in Ontario.

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