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Hello FOBTs,

As you will see by looking at the map, I changed it to reflect the Eastern South Pacific Islands. You can always go back to the original map to see where I've been if you wish. We are about half way between Fiji and American Samoa, and this should be indicated on the map by a red dot.

Yesterday, I erroneously said we would be at sea for the next two days. Since we are repeating 23 hours of Sunday, 26 April, again because of crossing the International Date Line, I wasn't technically incorrect. Nonetheless, we land in American Samoa on the 27th.

Due to the date line change, I entitled this update the First 47 Hour Sunday because we had all normal 24 hours of Sunday yesterday and we get another 23 today. Not too many times to almost relive one day of your life!

I guess I'll take myself around the deck for 4 miles. Thanks for reading.

Update to my update: After posting my update (above), I decided to walk 4 miles around the deck. I've been meaning to mention this before, but kept forgetting. So, as I would approach the bow (front) of the ship, the wind from both the movement of the ship and natural air speed would be funneled through these openings on the hull to the deck. Now I have an idea what the NASA astronauts went through on that two person centrifuge when they were spun around so fast the skin on the cheeks (facial... no going there for any wisenheimers) would be pushed back by the force. Wow! Sometimes I would actually be stopped in my tracks for a moment. Nonetheless, your adventurer would push on through this natural phenomenon and complete the desired amount of laps.

That's all, and thanks for reading.

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