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Bill ready to hit the ball

Bill with his professional partner (not!)

Hello FOBTs,

From about half way between Vanuatu and Fiji. I awakened early, meaning 0620 plus the loss of an hour's sleep due to the clocks being moved forward. Being an adventurer, I did not let those things deter me from seeking new adventures. So, I ventured forth to an 0700 stretching class followed at 0730 by an abs class. Amazingly, I survived both!!

I did learn one abs exercise that I can do on my own, and would like to learn several more prior to the end of the cruise. As I suspected, there were some exercises in both classes that I could do well and others that were much more challenging.

Prior to a very moderate leisurely breakfast that separated going to play tennis, I walked 2.5 miles on the deck. The tennis session proved to be held under highly unusual conditions. The court is at the top of the ship, save only the smokestacks and radar assemblies being higher. Consequently, there was huge amount of wind blowing across the court, from one end to the other. Were it not for the netting all around the court, the South Pacific Ocean would now be littered with many tennis balls. The ship was sailing around 12-14 knots, generating a lot of wind on its own, and the actual wind speed was 28 mph. Therefore, try serving or returning a tennis ball in small gale!

You'll also see one of me getting ready to serve and with my mid-septuagenarian partner. All participants had fun and got some more exercise.

My sense of self-improvement and for further adventure compels me to both skip lunch (but don't feel too sorry because I am anticipating a scrumptious dinner at the formal dinner evening) and to go to the cruise equivalent of "Dancing with the Stars." Please note that I am planning to be an observer versus a participant because I know my limitations when it comes to dancing (think of the scene from the movie "Wild Hogs" with William Macy). Keep tuned.

Tonight, as previously mentioned, the ship has its "dress up" night for dinner. To celebrate the tennis success of today, I'm going to have a nice drink and a glass of Chardonnay.

Last night, I met two nice Canadians from Vancouver Island, Alice and Gordon. They live in Comox, and will celebrate their 50 wedding anniversary next year. All of us met for a Beatles name that tune contest, and our table won! Following that, we enjoyed dancing to Beatles songs amid flashing strobe lights. That was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow we arrive in Suva, Fiji, and will disembark to take a tour and attend a Fijian Firewalkers performance. When I heard the term Fijian Firewalkers, for some reason I thought that might (and I stress the word might) be the equivalent of husbands on their honeymoon as they learn more about their new wives...just joking ladies!!!

Thanks for reading.

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