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We are on the right

The prerequisite campfire

And a gorgeous sunset

Our first time to go to the Blue Grass Festival and we had to get sick. Originally scheduled to fly to California January 6, spend a few days with the grandkids then leisurely drive to Blythe to join the McDole's, Theroux's, the Wise's and the Collingwood's, for a week of camping, camaraderie and blue grass music, we sat in Florida and sneezed and coughed for a week.

So when we finally felt better it was now January 13, the festival would start January 16 and we had to get from Orlando to Blythe. Undaunted we flew to Sacramento, picked up the HitchHiker in Woodland, and drove to Santa Nella all in one day. And we had to grocery shop. Some fog in the morning caused us to start later then we wanted to and forced us to drive all the way to Needles, the last hour in the dark. With a huge sigh of relief we arrived in Blythe by 10 AM January 15 in time to claim our spot next to the Theroux's. Richard did a masterful job of backing in.

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