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Ancient Obelisk moved from Egypt as one piece

Blue Mosque

Tulip display

St Mary's Church


Not much good for runners

Old style house

Basilica Cistern

Ultrasound of Jesus inside Mary

Spice Market

Second oldest underground in the world

St Paul going to Antioch

Refugee kids on tram

Rustempasha Mosque

Rustampasha again

Mosque skyline

Topkapi Palace

AE2 Wreath on board MV Island Sky




We were privileged today to be able to observe, from a distance, a service to mark the sinking of the AE2, Australia's second ever submarine in the Dardanelles in 1915. This is apparently a lost story from WW1. We have on board a submarine expert, Peter Briggs, who has been involved in the diving mission to assess the viability of raising the sub from it's 70m grave in the Marmara Sea. The end result has been to leave it where it is with zinc things beside it that absorb the rust that would otherwise slowly continue to destroy the sub. We have seen two documentaries, one a Catalyst doco from 2014 and the other an older docudrama that have told the story of how this sub penetrated the minefields of the Dardanelles and, ironically, encouraged the commander of the Anzac troops to continue with the landing at Anzac Cove.

The ceremony involved the frigate HMAS Anzac accompanied by a Turkish frigate sailing to the buoy that marks the spot of AE2 and conducting a short service of Remembrance. All we could do was watch the warships but at least at that time it was in sunshine after a full on storm with wind and rain.

The end result of the expeditions has been the process of conservation of the wreck on the ocean floor and an education campaign whereby there has been material put into every school in Australia and into libraries. It is a great story that deserves to be told.

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