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so flat you can see forever

lots of windmills out herd




We had another good ride today. Except for Oklahoma there roads are almost as bad as Arkansas. The big difference is Arkansas roads are Interstates. We only traveled 169 miles today.

We are still getting satilite channels out of Amarillo which is good. I didn't have to call and get local channels. But they are having storms down that way which messes up our TV but I think the worst ones have moved on. We had to survive with no TV in Post TX we were right under a tree. The only thing we survived on were things that I had recorded on the dish reciever.

We rode by the old Santa Fa trail today and every time that we are out west I think of cowboys. I'm sure they were saying there is going to be water and green grass over the next hill. Then when they get to the next hill they say the same thing. It would take a long time to get here on horse back.

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