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Ok, so this might be the day (well morning) we both probably least liked.

We were up early (again) and off on the buses for a half hour ride to the old city of Troy - you know Helen of Troy and the Troyan horse. I now have a whole lot information that I really didn't want or need filling up my stiff shit file. The day started great considering our names weren't even listed on the bus number they put us on and as it turned out we were last to leave the port.

The Turkish countryside isn't really that different to home, except for shepherds herding their goats down the side of the main freeway. There's no way that would happen at home but it works here. Everything was lush and green but that's to be expected with them coming out of spring into summer.

We arrived at the site of the old city of Troy along with 20 other buses full of whinging tourists, including the bus we were supposed to be on (which incidentally was the first bus), we off loaded and entered "the park". By passing the obligatory photo stop we headed to the main square to be greeted with a massive horse. Looked great but pity it wasn't the original one (major disappointment) Our guide gave us a rundown and yep, you guessed it, a fair dinkum tool was trying to tell him that he may have been doing this job for years but she's also researched it and he should be calling Trojan horse not Troyan cause that will confuse us (dumb) Aussies. This just happened to be the same woman who wondered why the Anzacs landed at the foot of mammoth cliffs and not the flat. I went up to him when she walked away, told him I wanted to push her off the ship about a week ago and that he should call it what he likes, we're not that dumb. He had a laugh and continued to call it Troyan all day probably to annoy her more than anything.

Time to wander through the ruins and that's exactly what they are. You really need a good imagination to picture what it was like. Some parts were really good like the mud brick houses they built but other parts sort of lost me. I think from memory there were 11 different Troy cities and each had its own wall. Didn't do much good considering the Greeks got in using a wooden horse. The pace was a little slow for us so went ahead and did our own tour. Saw a turtle and a squirrel along the way and realistically just a whole lot of rocks staked up and heaps more fallen down - it could have been mistaken for a quarry.

We managed to snag ourselves some seats on the first bus out which happened to be the bus we were supposed to be on. Some nanna's cracked the sads with us for supposedly sitting in their seats but I just happened to point out that there was stuff on the seat behind us that could possibly be there's. Then they whinged the whole way back that they couldn't take pictures from their seats because they didn't have the big window. Lucky me got heaps of pictures, and just quietly pointed out all bus windows are big!!

The bus was making a stop at a chemist ( massive round of colds and man flu on board) so we took the opportunity to jump off with Daff in tow and decided to go to town. Everyone was headed straight back to the ship. I don't understand it, you're in a different country with free time why wouldn't you make the most of it. We always do.

Taxi to town and a bite to eat. When in Turkey, Ishkender Kebabs with tea it is. Oh my god, they were totally awesome. Instead of it being in a wrap its on a plate and the pita bread is broken up and soaked in all the meat juices. Could have easily eaten 2. Think it cost us about $10 each for the feast. Then we hit the streets to soak up the atmosphere, and to do some shopping. It's so cheap for scarves, etc. Daff and I both got one as well as other little things for presents.

We ended up down the water front and stopped for a drink with some friends off the ship then continued to be amazed just walking the streets. Such a friendly, colourful place, that would definitely be added to our list of places to go back to just not at Anzac time. It gets so busy and people tend to raise their prices, surprised???

Managed to make it back to the ship on time, not before seeing the Trojan horse that in town. Apparently it was donated to the town of Cannakkle by the production team of the movie Troy starring Brad Pitt (I've not seen the movie but I've now seen the horse). Looks better than the one at Troy.

Pulled up anchor at 18:00 - next stop Istanbul.

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