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19 April 15.

Our flight today was only one hour late, a new “best” for China Eastern Airlines.

Access to the Travel Blog page seems to be blocked now, I can’t even log in but I can log onto other sites that the “State” deem suitable. I have sort of found a way around it pro tem…

Anyway not a lot happened today, left the hotel at around 0900 and drove to the airport arriving at around 1000 then had to do the usual with passports and get our boarding passes. The security checking today was really rigorous, they seemed concerned with batteries and any unmarked/unbranded lithium batteries were confiscated. My power bank was examined and accepted, but they checked everything out of the baggage today outbound at Beijing.

Got to Shanghai and our bus was lost, rather we did not look in the right place for the bus but we soon found it downstairs and soon were booked into the hotel.

Dinner was at a Chinese place but a surprisingly Westernised menu was served with still some Chinese delicacies in it, the short soup was made with a “Bonox” flavoured broth. At the end were a pastry with soup inside with a pork meatball, it was different and nice too, though you can’t satisfy everyone’s taste.

Looks like my workaround has died….

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