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In the French Quarter

Jin Mao Tower

Jin Mao atrium

Group with Allison in the yellow jacket

At 431Km/H

At the City Mag Lev terminus

Felix likes the Mag Lev

No20 electric bus just before the terminus

YES!!! Trams in Shanghai, alas I missed the last one

20 April 15,

This morning it was off to the Shanghai Museum for a look around, marvellous building and very positive exhibition spaces. I particularly enjoyed the ceramics, some are from 600BC and are far more complex than what the Romans were making…. The Museum also boasts a nice Tea room with authentic furnishings that made a decent cup of tea so we enjoyed a pot each before walking out to the Peoples Sq. and admiring the musical fountain…. Then off for a wander around the French Quarter and it was all so, well soooo French.

Back on the Bus and off for lunch. Today was Subway with cookies, potato crisps and beer which went down well.

Off then to the Jin Mao Tower and up to the observation deck on the 88th floor, the lift takes 45 seconds to take you up, you don’t actually sense the movement but your ears pop. Fastest lifts in the world. You could see a long way on a clear day….

After wandering around up there and taking a few snaps (including the view of the atrium) it was off to the Maglev station for a return trip to the new Airport. Fastest train on the planet at 431Km/H (I have the picture to prove it). Best way to describe how a maglev works is to describe it as an electric motor with flat windings and the train bit is the armature. Seven minutes to do 30 Km. when another train passes it’s just a “bump” and it’s gone….

Then over to “The Bund” for a walk around, the number 20 electric bus terminates here, the Bund is the original hub of Shanghai and there are some interesting architectural styles here. We had a group pic taken with our local guide Allison, the Chinese girl in the picture.

After dinner we were off on a river cruise to see Shanghai by night. The lights are spectacular and I took lots of photos but for reasons unknown when I looked at the card on the ASUS T100 none are there, wonder what is going on. We found a nice spot on the lower deck inside to see it all….

Back to the Hotel and we have an 0800 wake up tomorrow, we are off to see the Gardens and wander around the local markets (Carol’s $8.80 Rolex watch is still working).

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