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Wopa, Arab style

Spent no time in Malaga, but a two hour bus ride to the Alhambra in Granada. This is a remarkable world heritage site of several moorish castles and Christian churches spread over about 60 hectares. The history on this one boggles my mind. The moors are the Moslems who left from Mauritania and are not Arabs. This property changed hands several times as Spain was mostly moorish from 700 AD to 1492ish but wound up being Christian at the end of the day with Ferdinand and Isabella. In fact, Columbus left with the three ships from Valencia where we are. I have been getting some strong doses of timeline input as the Punic wars were even fought in this neck of the woods. And the Phoenicians were here as well...they were from Tyre. Which was in Lebanon. Oh my aching head which is so devoid of history!! This is the part where I get to redeem my own education!

Guess where Sierra Nevada came from? yep, Spain, and they have snow on them...

Guess why Spain's economy is so agricultural? Because while everyone else was having the industrial revolution, Spain got to enjoy a crushing dictatorship under Franco until 1975.

We had a Spanish guide at the Alhambra that spoke English with a strong UK accent. First, it's chinese with British accents and now the spaniards? I cannot keep up with all this! Anyone remember Tony Sinclair for tanguerey? Well now he is a tour guide for the Alhambra. And as for the title, Washington irving did a tour for the state dept to the American embassy and stayed at the Alhambra and wrote Tales of the Alhambra there.

Perhaps the cabalerro sin cabeza had his start in Granada ...though it doesn't quite have the same cache, now does it?

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