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Exciting Drive through the Grand Ridge Road

We left Melbourne this morning under a sky that was as grey as the road under the tyres of our car. Our navigation led us successfully onto the 'Grand Rigde Road'. There we enjoyed a drive through a majestic rainforest and were marvelled by the big ferns along the way. We had a lot of fun, taking pictures out of the driving car (stopping at each nice tree/fern/view would have been just too much). Afterwards we had to delete a lot of these snapshots but statistics had done a great job and we actually did have some good pictures! In our travel guide book the road is described as 'partially unsealed'. Bulls**t! Over 60% dirt road is not what I call 'partially unsealed'. But a Holden Commodore has to withstand such conditions easily, so we didn't care about this anyway.

In between we did a short walk in the local park in Balook and then continued to the end of the Grand Rigde Road.

During the whole ride over the 'Grand Ridge Road' there was nearly no traffic at all. For about two hours we didn't cross a single car. And when we finally saw another car, it was a police car... We had no idea what they were doing there...

For the night we found the nice bush camping 'Log crossing' near Sale, where we produced some genuine road trip atmosphere with the first camp fire I've lighten since being in Australia (so far it had always been forbidden due to fire risk).

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