EUROPE2015 The trilogy begins in the north travel blog

Our room with the flowers our host left to welcome us.

The view from our third floor flat.

We had a small but nice balcony.

This is our hosts garden below us.

This fellow likes Starbucks even more than Pam. Hard to believe.

Rembrandt Square is a good place to start our adventure in Amsterdam.

His entourage is always there to keep him company.

Across the street is one of Amsterdam's many coffee houses. They sell...

The tower clock tells us its time to get going.

Even the light fixtures scream Europe.

They walk the streets in pairs.

Nobody gets a free ride in Amsterdam. Not even the horses.

Famous Dam Square and the Royal Palace.

The architecture is amazing

Public transportation is a must to saved our legs

The Rikz museum displays many of the Netherlands treasures.

Beer is big here and Heineken is the biggest.

Colorful Windows match the colorful lifestyle.

Canals have a special beauty

Cannot take enough pics of the canals.

The Netherlands has a variety of different roof tops.

Each is a bit different in style but,

they all have a hook at the top and are slightly tilted...

That way when they use the hook to raise things up the...

They look even better as a group.

Glad we brought softer shoes for site seeing.

Our place is a nice place to rest.

Especially after a long day of site seeing.

Our first real day in Amsterdam is a real eye opener. Most challenging is dodging bicycles, motor scooters, pedestrians and cars. Just because you're on the sidewalk doesn't mean your safe. Pedestrians do not have the right of way.

We did a long walk to get our bearings and found Amsterdam is a difficult city to navigate around with just a city map. A compass is a good thing to have when the directions say go west and you are on a narrow streets and the buildings are so high you cannot get a bearing.

Never the less we managed to get our museum pass and see some sites. We were able to decide on our next days agenda and shade off the jet lag. Tomorrow we tackle some of the museums.

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