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I awoke early and decided to get up quietly so as not to disturn the sleeping beauty beside me.

That worked fine until I knocked over a small metal stand beside my recliner. Bummer.

Marilyn & I shared our coffee while researching campgrounds and state parks in areas we might like to visit.

Oh, I have to tell you folks that we heard thunder and saw lightning yesterday. It rained hard several times as well.

That isn’t at all unusual for other parts of the country but here in the RGV, thunderstorms are rare.

This morning we were driving over to Harlingen to pick up friends, Steve & Cathy, who are coming down to pick up a “New to them” Mobile Suite Fifth Wheel and Truck.

We were very excited for them and understand how anxious they must be to see it for the first time.

We completed our chores, cleaned our little home on wheels, showered and readied ourselves for the day.

Steve & Cathy arrived right on time, just as Marilyn & I walked into the terminal, and we were soon on the way back to Mission.

At this point I must say that I intend to write about some feelings we had upon reaching the destination, when friends, Roger & Joyce walked out to meet us.

It may take me a couple of days to sort things out and I’ll write about it then.

For now, let me say that Steve & Cathy were absolutely delighted with their purchase.

We all went out to dinner together at 492 BBQ.

We talked and laughed together, and a tear or two was wiped away.

It was a good time spent in the company of people who are very special to us.

Tonight, Marilyn & I are watching a DVD movie and tomorrow we’ll be busy again.

Life is Good!

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