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Today, we took a side trip to Bisbee, AZ. We had visited before a few years ago. Bisbee is a cute little town about 30 miles from Fort Huachuca.

We strolled through old Bisbee and stopped in to check out a small brewery that started in town about 6 years ago. A friend from Valle Del Oro RV Resort in Mesa suggested we stop in. She went to high school with the owner back in Bainbridge, WA. The name of the place is Old Bisbee Brewing Company. The proprietor, Vic Rehnquist, owned a winery and vineyard in Washington. He retired, moved to warmer climes, and wanted a hobby. So, he went to a brewing school in London, England and started his little brewery.

Old Bisbee Brewing Company makes seven craft beers from Sonoran Wheat to a heady IPA. In addition he makes root beer and a concoction known as Salut. Salut de la Vie (Salvation of Life) was created in the 1880's in France. Starting in the 1860's France's vineyards were decimated by disease. By the 1880's the wine industry was almost totally wiped out. The thirsty French created a drink through the brewing process that closely resembled wine in both taste and color. The product became so popular that the French government banned it to protect the reemerging wine industry. The government went to the extreme of mandating that all recipes and records be destroyed. Through extensive research Vic has again created the product. And he is the only brewmaster in the United to make Salut.

The private tour and sampling of the beverage made our day!

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