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Left Hangzhou for Wuzhen, a historical water town in the south Yangtze River Delta. It has a history of 1300 years. A leisure town of world heritage. There are ancient stone bridges, stone pathways, wood carvings on the buildings. There are 2 sections, Easy and West. The East Zone has been a tourist attraction since 2001

We went to the West Zone which has been opened. Since 2007. This area retains the original style.

There are museums, a library, workshops and many tea shops. They have guest houses, hotels and luxury hotels called club houses. One boutique hotel has 12 separate cottages on the water that rent for about $800 per night.

The hotels look like old buildings but are very modern on the inside. There are several nightclubs here for your evening entertainment.

We took a private boat through the Grand Canal for a 20 minute ride to the Boutique hotel and then walked Xizha Street. We saw many of the shops including one where the silk was being removed from the silk worm cacoon. They are also known for indigo cotton; the fabric is indigo blue with white designs. we went intothe Wedding Museum which showed some of the traditional wedding customs. It including donated wedding photos, wedding certificates and divorce certificates.

We had lunch at one of the shops where we tasted baby chrysanthemum tea that was quite good. We also had a cake made from glutanous rice and red bean paste. It was served warm and was good.

After spending a couple hours walking around we drove back to Shanghai!

After dinner we took a final walk along the Bund looking at all the lights. Our side of the river with the colonial buildings reminds us a little of Budapest. The other side of the river with all of the color lighted modern buildings is such a contrast.

Hard to believe our 50+ days in Asia have come to an end. Tomorrow we will be on a plane back home!

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