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Tasmanian Railroad steam engine

Roundtable for moving engines in a confined area

Other Tasmanian rails cars and engines

The sign says it all - I could not help myself

Bass Strait outside of Devonport - separates Tasmania from southern Australia


On my way from Cradle Mountain back to Hobart I decided to take a detour to the town of Devonport, which is at the upper part of Tasmania, sort of in the middle portion of the island. The town is where the ferry from southern Australia docks in Tasmania, and it seems to be a nice unpretentious small town. I would guess the population is about 20-30K. I unexpectedly ran across a museum of the Tasmanian Railroad on the edge of town. You'll see pictures of an old steam engine locomotive, some rail cars and other engines, and a roundtable. I suspect most of you may not be familiar with a railroad roundtable. I got to see some in actual use as a kid when my grandfather worked for a railroad in Syracuse, NY. The function of these things is to move an engine from one direction to another without taking up a lot of time switching it from one track to another. Often, there is limited space, and these devices came in quite handy. For those who have visited San Francisco, there used to by such a roundtable at the end of one of the cable car lines (I think it may have been the one ending on Mason Street, but don't quote me.).

This is a short update to include the pictures and to have Devonport show up on the map so that you can see approximately where I drove. Thanks for reading.

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