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Trying to attract travelers from I-40 to Old Rte. 66.

Right in front of our park.

The waterfront of our RV park on the Colorado River in Needles.

Our site at North Shore RV Park.

We took advantage of the pool and hot tub while we were...

We took a drive one day into the Mohave Desert looking for...

The desert was full of blooming cactus. Lovely.

After all our electrical problems, we finally made it to the Pacific...

This is what it looks like with 127 spaces along the Pacific.

The view from the beach at Rincon.

This was the view from our spot.

The train tracks are about 60 feet from the Parkway.

The very active bike lane was only feet from all the rigs.

You see a little bit of everything at Rincon. Not sure where...

Loved watching the shore birds chase the surf in the evening.

This guy would balance rocks on the beach (for cash)

And besides surfers, there were surf fisherman every day.

Ed spent a lot of his day chasing the "rock rats" away...

We were finally able to relax watching the Ocean.

And we were rewarded with this beautiful sunset the first night.

And as the sun dipped into the ocean, a whale breached right...

We took a walk on the beautiful beaches.

Loved people watching on the beach and enjoying the nice weather.

This is not me. Don't know why Ed took this photo? (HaHa)

This is me with my clothes on.

We walked from the beach to the Farmers Market.

We bought delicious strawberries at the Farmers Market, among other things.

Entertainment at the Farmers Market. Fun afternoon.

One afternoon we had lunch at and walked on the Ventura Pier.

The Ventura Pier.

Gorgeous sunsets almost every night.

Fire in the rocks, wine in hand, watching the sun go down....

Well, the news is back about my computer and it is not good. IT DIED! The Geek Squad said it's hard drive was shot, and so we have decided to just let it go with no extraordinary measures to keep it going. It is at least 8 years old and in computer years that is close to 100.

It has been quite a chore transferring all my "stuff" onto Ed's laptop, especially since I barely remember any of my passwords and user names. Fortunately, we finally figured out how to get my trip journal to work, so I am uploading some photos that go with my last update. You may have to reread it to figure out what they go with, but hope you enjoy them nonetheless.

Thanks for all of you who let me know you are still reading it and if any of you messaged me from the trip journal site, those messages all got erased, so email me again if you said something I need to respond to.

We've moved on to the Central Coast of California and I wlll be updating again soon.

Happy Easter.

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