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Snorkeling with whale sharks (from the internet)

Snorkeling with whale sharks - the dark smudge is a whale shark

Sunset from the Malecón

People enjoying the water

The Malecón at dusk

I got back on the bus and continued on to La Paz, a smaller community on the east side of the Baja peninsula. I stayed in a hotel just off the Malecón, with easy access to everything. La Paz is much, much less touristy – there are some tourists but not many and definitely no large groups of students on spring break like I saw in Cabo San Lucas.

I went snorkeling with whale sharks – the juveniles feed on a sandbar near the town so we snorkeled alongside them as they move along eating plankton. Even though they were just juveniles, some were 6 meters long. My photos show a dark smudge in the water that you'll just have to take my word that it is an actual shark, so I found a better picture from the internet.

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