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Cayenne monument

Arty doors

Arty bar

Typical street

Monument at night

Beach at Montjoly

Not Dodley!

Stll not Dodley!

French Guiana is the smallest of the collective Guianas and is now administered as an overseas department of France and officially part of France and the EU - how strange is that?! It gets even stranger when we are piggin' out on moules et frits, snails and drinking our favorite Belgian beers!

Cayenne, the capital is a quirky place with some nice rural France type architecture, excellent restaurants and a sizeable Asian population resulting in delicious Vietnamese food.

Dodley nearly ends up in trouble when he unsettles a homeless person whilst taking photos, who then roams after him with a large rock!!

We spend the evening at the beach resort of Montjoly - with the plan to find the turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs - well that was the plan till I (S) stepped on a long thorn - not pleasant!

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