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Turkish houses are generally ugly but the roofs are pretty

Anatalya harbour


Crashing someone's wedding photos


The church of the broken minaret because.....

Carving Turkish ivory



One of hundreds of statues in the museum. Those Romans were busy!






March 22

After a leisurely breakfast I set off to explore the old city of Antalya . I met a man carving with “Turkish ivory” which is a very light white mineral (magnesium carbonate) used for making pipes. I admired his workmanship and he gave me a good luck pin to ward off he evil eye which he pinned to my shirt. A little while later I met a man who shined shoes who noticed my pin and gave me another. I was wearing sandals not in need of shining but he was just being nice. Either that or he thought I needed a LOT of protection from evil eyes.

I met the others and a bunch of us walked to the harbour to check on boat tours then took the tram to the museum. There were a LOT of Roman statues there along with a lot of information and relics.

We walked to the pebble beach where Ben was the only one brave enough to swim. It's not warm enough for me. It was about 20 degrees but the wind was cool.

After stopping for a nice lunch overlooking the Mediterranean, we walked back to the harbour where we met some of the others. There we took a tour of the shoreline for an hour. It was nice to be out on the water.

I went back to the hotel and retrieved the laundry I had hanging on the clothesline (luxury is when ALL the clothes in your bag are CLEAN!) and went for another walk. We all met for dinner and I enjoyed a wonderful salad with really nice, fresh greens and cheese on a patio overlooking the sea at night. Antalya is a beautiful city. I'd love to stay longer but we must carry on.

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