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Ceiling of the mosque in Konya where the tomb of Mevlana rests

Wax figure of a Melvana dirvish


Ruins dated thousands of years BC (Neolithic age)

One excited Aussie



Breakfast. The cloth is a giant napkin to collect crumbs

Our group with Miriam and her husband, our wonderful hosts.

March 20

The drive to Konya was scenic starting with leaving Goreme in the snow. Pretty? Sure but I'm getting really tired of being cold.

The first stop was the museum of Mevlana, the guy who started the Dirvish thing. It was interesting but .....cold.

We left the hills and formations of Cappadocia and drove through the plains of the Konya region. Sheep and farmland lined the roads along with an interesting irrigating system.

Next was a stop at an archeological dig where they discovered the world's oldest town. It was uncovered in a mound that looked odd in the otherwise flat land. Houses were stacked on top of each other and they figure they entered them through the roofs as they're all attached and there don't seem to be streets. They figure they used roof tops as gathering places.

Lunch was at a restaurant famous for pitas so we all got one. It was served on a wooden board and more like a flat bread with toppings like cheese, meat and spinach.

We reached our destination of a home in a small town outside of Konya where we stayed with a family. They've got 5 rooms in the down stairs with foam mattresses on the floor, 3 in each room. It was quite comfortable.

Dinner was served upstairs and the family joined us while we sat on the floor around tables about a foot off the floor. Lentil soup, salad, home made bread, a potato carrot and chicken dish and a dish of bulgar with chicken was served. Everything was delicious. After a pastry desert, the tables were put away and we sat around and chatted over tea. Mutlu translated for the family and we learned more about the different cultures.

March 21

The first day of Spring brought a nice gift. KAR! That's Turkish for snow; at least 6” on the ground. The Aussies were excited as only those who don't endure winter can be so there was some snow man building, snowball fights and even snow angels made.

Omar Capitan did a great job driving on the slick mountain roads. We drove up to 1,800 metres above sea level in the Taurus mountains and met cars coming the other way sliding everywhere. Some turned around and went back and others were putting chains on tires. We motored on.

We stopped for a banana break and then lunch in Antalya where thankfully there was NO kar or snow. Lunch was kofte and payiz which was tasty and different and then on to the hotel.

While settling in I cleaned out my bag and brought pretty much all of it to the desk for laundry service. It's time for something besides a sink wash.

Mutlu showed us around the old city and we split up. Some of us went to a bakery / pudding / ice cream shop and I had “dinner” there. Chocolate cake topped with raspberries and chocolate ice cream is perfect for supper now and then.

After a bit of a wander I headed back for the evening. The others were going out for drinks but I'm thinking I deserve an evening to do diddly and squat.

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