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Coastline of Amed

Infinity pool with our bungalow in the background

Street outside our hotel

Balinese gas station!

Our Swiss family chums

Best snorkel beach ever!

We easily arranged a "fast boat" from Gili T direct to Amed, back on the island of Bali. Out of all the beaches and snorkel spots, Lipah seemed to be our favorite. We took a boat to snorkel south along the coast at a coral garden and Japanese boat wreck, both of which were quite impressive. We also rented a scooter to check out the Liberty wreck further north on the coast, but we ended up having to pay a bribe to the cops of about $15 for the privilege of renting the scooter, which decidedly colored my experience of the Liberty wreck. Great snorkeling everywhere, except I continued to be quite frustrated at the tourists trampling on coral, pestering the aquatic life, and feeding the fish. Why, why, why???? Anyway, I hope they do not destroy Lipah because the coral was absolutely breathtaking and the fish just amazing. We saw eels, pipefish sticking up out of the sand, and an amazing anemone fish (similar to a clownfish). We enjoyed spending time with a Swiss family that we had met on Gili Gede (at Via Vicare), and then unfortunately, I got hit with the dreaded dengue fever. Ugh! Still, I managed to snorkeling at least once every day; that's dedication for you. This is my last time snorkeling for several months (in light of our upcoming transAsia trip) so I was compelled to take advantage of it.

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