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Lakefront of Lake Te Anau

Main street of Te Anau

Waterfront homes

Part of Lake Te Anau - 2nd largest lake in NZ

Rough waves on the lake due to high winds

Rock slide created by a 7.2 earthquake on South Fjord of Lake...

Hidden lake - accessible only by foot or airplane

Walking trail to Hidden Lake - one of 13 such lakes

Naturally formed plant version of the Kiwi - NZ's native bird

Lockwood tree - prehistoric tree

Lake Te Anau, Southern Alps, and sky - cool picture

Te Anau - Day 2

Did a bit of a walkabout as the Aussies would say. You'll see some photos of Te Anau's main street, the lakefront, including some lakefront homes, and some of the lake itself. The lake is NZ's second largest fresh water lake, stretching some 24 kilometers from top to bottom and has three fingers going to the left (sort of like a reversed capital letter E). Due to its depth, the water is as deep blue.

I took an excursion this afternoon to the South Fjord (lowest of the three fingers). You'll see some pictures of that adventure, including one of a rock fall caused by a 7.2 earthquake, a hidden lake accessible only by foot or airplane (one of 13 such lakes in that area), a wild plant form of NZ's native Kiwi bird, and an example of the walking trail we took to the hidden lake. The final picture is of the lake, some of NZ's Southern Alps mountains, and a pretty sky. I really like that photo.

While on the excursion, I met five NZ natives. Peter, the boat captain, is a retired engineer who owns his boat and conducts trips like this throughout the summer and early fall. He then takes several months off to travel. Grant is a younger guy who will shortly move to the North Island in search of better employment prospects. As I mentioned before, the North Island has about 3.5 million of NZ's total 4.5 million population. Grant is merely the face of younger people's migration northward, and is cause for concern among South Island residents. The other three people were Marilyn, her sister Irene, and Malcolm, Marilyn's husband. All are retired and were down for a short holiday.

Today is St. Patrick's Day, and I will shortly be in search of an establishment in which I can procure some Irish Whiskey to celebrate this internationally famous day. I know most of you won't be reading this until the actual St. Patrick's Day where you are. So, allow me to wish all of you a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Tomorrow will be an all day excursion to tour the Milford Sound, which I believe is actually a fjord, but I'll verify that tomorrow. What's the difference between a sound and a fjord? Good you asked (if it you didn't). A sound is formed by river erosion and a fjord by glacial erosion. The former usually does not have as steep walls as a fjord.

Thanks for reading.

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