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We both had a wonderful sleep as it is much quieter here, our hotel is situated at the edge of town and set in a bock or so from the beach so noise is minimal.

The morning began with a light cloud cover so we decided to ask Señor Ramos to take us in to town and to the Cruz del Sur bus station to exchange our voucher for the bus tickets. That accomplished we stopped at the Plaza de Armas to look around and take photos. What a gorgeous historic centre! The buildings have been beautifully restored and have been painted in bight yellows, blues, pinks and earth tones. One of the prettiest centres we have seen.

From here we head to Tuttos, a huge store similar to Costco, to pick up fruit and veggies and essentials like wine and beer :). Señor Ramos chuckled as we chose this tour rather than a tour of the ruins close by. We will leave the Ciudad de Chan Chan (oldest pre-Colombian city in South America) and Huaca de la Luna Y Sol for one of the other days.

Our purchases in hand we head back to the Hotel Bracamonte and straight to the pool to brown our white Canadian bodies. The pool area was large, surrounded by blooming Bougainvillea and other flowers, plenty of lounge chairs and a very inviting bright blue pool. We soaked up the sun until we started to turn a bit pink and then retired to our balcony for a yummy lunch from our purchases this morning. Ahhhh this is the life.

We rest (it is siesta time, you know) and around 5:00pm we wandered along the beach watching surfers catch the big waves that the full moon has produced. We came upon a beach bar blaring Latin music and we were drawn in for a Happy Hour Pisco Sour. We sat on the deck watching young tourists who have clearly had too many cervezas and the surfers in the background. Fero joked that I don’t need to watch my telenovelas (Spanish soap operas) on TV – I have a live show right in front of me. And how right he was, there were many live ‘dramas’ in every part of the beach!

The sunset was incredible and we watched until the golden globe sank into the sea and then slowly walked back to our hotel, the beach much quieter now. Feeling hungry we order ceviche and milenasa (similar to chicken schnitzel) and had it delivered to our balcony deck – how decadent. The food was super and before long we were sleepy and off to bed.

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