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Sharing the road with a variety of vehicles

The beach at Tulum

The swing bed--I took the one with four legs

Wading on the beach in Tulum

Critter on the path at Tulum--racoon relation?

Ruins at Tulum

Ruins at Tulum

Beach at the ruins

Start at the top...

Flying around.....

Upside down, still playing the flute....

And a safe landing

Thursday 3/12

Today was our long drive across to Tulum on the coast. We got advice on our route from the owner of the hotel in Santa Elena, and were on our way for the five hour drive. The roads were pretty good, and went through several towns of various sizes, with lots of speed bumps. We came to the conclusion that they don’t give speeding tickets in Mexico, but they use lots of speed bumps that could cause some serious damage if you didn’t slow down.

At one point, our turn-off was blocked so we had to go through town, and we found ourselves heading into a one-way street, and a blue light flashing behind us. We managed to communicate our problem (that we were going through toward Chetumal, upon which he said (in English) ‘follow me’, and he gave us an escort through the one-way streets of town and waved us on our way! That was a happy encounter after the initial concern.

Driving through the towns was interesting. With all the bicycles, tricycles, motorcycles, and motorized tricycles, cars were a real minority on the streets. It definitely required a little more attention than just a line of cars.

We came down out of the hills to the coast and headed to Tulum, a beach town. We had a room reserved at the Zulum beach club right on the beach. It was quite an experience. It was right on the beach, which was soft white sand and blue water, very beautiful. Our room was interesting though. It was two floors up in a grass-roofed building, one bed was suspended by ropes at the four corners the light fixture and faucet in the bathroom were shells, the shower was just a corner of the room, and there was a fan, but no air conditioning! It was OK for a one-night novelty, and we enjoyed having lunch right on the beach and wading in the warm water. There was a nice ocean breeze, so it was quite pleasant on the beach.

Tomorrow is our last vacation day.

Friday 3/13

We packed up in our little grass shack, and headed north to visit our final Mayan site. The city at Tulum had a beautiful location right on the beach. Because it is so close to Cancun, other resorts on the Riviera Maya, and also cruise ship terminals, it is one of the most popular sites. There were even more crowds here than at Chichen Itza. We enjoyed seeing the buildings, but other than the location, which was stunning, the other sites had more elaborate ruins. Also it was very hot. Back at the park entry we enjoyed watching the costumed characters posing for shots with tourists, people with monkeys, iguanas and snakes that you could have your picture taken with, and four guys in costume doing a neat show where they climbed a pole with a wheel on top, then hung by ropes while it spun around gradually lowering them to the ground. They passed the hat of course, and it was worth a donation. One of them continued to play his flute and little drum while hanging upside down!

We worked our way north to Cancun where we turned in our car and got to the hotel. Now to get packed up for the trip home tomorrow.

It was a great trip!

Miscellaneous observations:

Unforgettable: the line of about 20 guys whizzing off the side of the freeway—who needs a bano?

That speedbump had a pot hole!

Mexico/the Yucatan has five kinds of limes but no lemons. Limonada is limeade, not lemonade, and nothing is better at quenching your thirst on a hot day.

Lane lines are suggestions…If you will fit, you can pass.

It isn’t Mexican time, or Island time, it is tropical time; who wants to move fast when it’s that hot?

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