Spain - March 2015 travel blog

Breakfast bacon cooking

Goat cheese and blue cheese

Fresh juice

Cadiz Cathedral


Back of the Cathedral - it survived the tsunami!

The Atlantic sea wall


Top of the Cathedral

Lovely stone streets in Cadiz

Wall decor

In pastry store


Statue of famous San Fernando flamenco musician who died in his 20s...

His plaque

Statue in SF

Wall art

Bar sign

Another sign

Construction work on train station in SF

Church in San Fernando where Maria and Mercedes' parents were married'

Inside of church

Multiple scenes in church - huge in person

Church interior

Ceiling of church

Stained glass high above altar




Front door

Plaque on outside of church

Door knocker on random house

More door knockers

And more door knockers

Water works plate cover

A roundabout with a traffic light - interesting.....

Peeking through a gate



Lunch in San Fernando at Venta de Vargas

Restaurant interior

Men's room sign

Ladies room sign

Friday morning - our last day in Chiclana before we head to Madrid tomorrow morning. We slept in a bit as we planned to leave at 11:00 to return Opal to the rental car place at the Cadiz train station. When Steve and I came downstairs around 9:30 we found Maria in the kitchen cooking us breakfast - we are so spoiled! Bacon, fresh eggs, fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juice, fresh toasted bread with jams and honey - oh my - can I stay longer?????

After breakfast, Maria got ready to go with us but Mercedes stayed home as she had been up til 3am "piddlin". The three of us left in Opal and drove to Cadiz. The workers were still on strike at the train station, and Maria gave them some bottled water - they were appreciative. We also cleaned out Opal and the rental car agent thanked us for that. The vast majority of people we have come across during our visit to Spain have been overly friendly, and seemed to appreciate all our attempts to speak with them, regardless of how broken our Spanish may have been at times!

We left the train station on foot and walked to the cathedral by the river, pausing to take several pictures along the way. We then walked back to the port, bought a few pastries and candies, and got a few more Euros from the ATM. We caught the bus to San Fernando - Maria's home town - where we enjoyed a fine lunch and visited the Catholic Church where her parents had married.

Then we found the bus stop that would take us back to Chiclana - Steve was going back to the house to replace a door handle, and Maria and I stayed on for a few more stops so we could visit a fabric store. Steve had his Spanish/English dictionary so he could communicate with Mercedes. :)

Maria and I finished our shopping and caught the bus back to the bus stop near the house, walking the last quarter mile or so to the house. As we were walking up the driveway, a large stork flew from the top of a palm tree in the front yard - it is building a nest. Then we saw Steve standing on the second floor balcony - he had just taken a picture of the stork with his phone camera before we startled it. Back into the house and it was time to begin the tedius job of re-packing - somehow we had more stuff than we came with! As I write this, the girls are in the kitchen whipping up something fabulous for almost 10pm.....they eat on a different schedule here for sure. Back on the diet when we get back to the states! They only thing that has saved each of us from gaining 20 pounds is the amount of walking we have done! More later!

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