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Date: March 10, 2015

Weather: cloudy, a few drips

Temperature: start 56º

High 59º

Wildlife count: Red Squirrels

Year List: 180

Birds: Northern Cardinal, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Pileated Woodpecker, Orange-crowned Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Common Grackle, American Kestrel, Red-tailed Hawks, Northern Harriers,

Blue Jay, American Robin, White-faced Ibis, White Ibis, Killdeer, Boat-tailed Grackle, Red-winged Blackbirds.

Even though it was a cloudy day, there were over 30 visitors in the VC, a lot of young moms and kids. It is spring break in Chambers County, so it was good to see the children. Much of the day was spent studying shorebirds, and preparing for the upcoming interpretative programs, while we were not speaking to visitors. We also studied some of the information sent to us from Voyageurs NP. It was a good day.

Dinner was soft-shell tacos – good and easy. We are crashed for the evening.

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