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The long and bumpy and dusty road

Lottery shack


Gaye Bar

Carrying a load

Rural market

City market

At the water pump

Donkey Transport


Hurrying to market

Street drug store

Hauling charcoal

Local fishing boat

Mission of Grace clinic

Kids at orphanage

Don't take my picture


Adam the bag man

From the room

Up at 6:00 with the sound of waterfalls again. Everybody was up and ready. Took down the mosquito net and got everything packed and down to breakfast. This morning we had hard boiled eggs and sausage – which were actually chicken hotdogs. Also banana and rip papaya. Not bad. Then off down the hill to the clinic.

The first thing we ran into was the guy from yesterday whose wife was psychotic. He had brought her to the clinic (feet tied) and was asking for money to get her to their home town where there was a psychiatric hospital. Maybe. Then another guy who needed flomax from the day before – so back up the hill to root through the barrel of “oter” medicine (personal prescriptions and the like) and went through the whole thing and nothing. Back down the hill with additional meds for the guy with the psychotic wife but he had left. Gave te flomax guy te generic name of the drug and told him to buy it on he street. There were still a crowd of folks.

We set up a clinic in the main building and started seing people. Most were the “normal” complaints – hypertension, typhoid, anemia… Normal. One young woman came in with kidney stones and I knew just how she felt! Luckily we were able to take care of her pretty well. The oldest patient today was 92.

At 9:30 we had to quit to get our stuff to head out. Ches, Kitty, and I must have missed it but all the stuff was supposed to be on the van – but.. Our stuff was finally loaded and off we went down National Highway One – the long and bumpy road.

The trip was indeed long and bumpy. Three hours to cover 27 miles – then on to paved roads. It was exactly the same as on the way to the clinic but even more dusty and desolate. There were several small markets as well as one large town which was packed with people and traffic and donkeys and goats and motos and more. But once we hit the paved road we sped up but ran into several traffic jams – five vehicles wide ona two lane road. We left the city and headed cross country with little incident other than the desolation of a tsunami from many years ago.

We finally spotted the ocean and drove along and came to “the strip” – a long line of resort hotels on the water. Then we pulled into one – “The Ocean View” – and got a room overlooking the sea – crashing waves, sea breeze, AC, a bar, and hot showers! The owner is part of an evangelical mission called “Missions of Grace.”

After we dumped our stuff and walked on the beach a bit we got the tour. Up a fairly steep hill to the Mission’s school, then to their clinic, then to the orphanage. All were in excellent shape, clean, well organized, and well staffed. The clinic looked more like a hospital than a clinic – and there was a doctor who came every day. We played around with the kids for a while – both in the orphanage and the kids who live locally.

Back to the hotel we hung around then had a buffet dinner of conch, chicken, fried plantains, and black beans and rice. Nice conversation around the dinner table then we headed off. Me to take a hot shower (well, warm, but still welcome!) the down trio the lobby to meet Kitty. She was off to a meeting of the Starfish board so I got on the internet and mucked around a bit.

At the meeting there was discussion of where the group would go next year – one wanted to go here and two wanted to go to the place we just left. They seem to have everything covered here but Joilvert had much more need. They will work it out over the next couple days.

Finally a walk out on the pier to look at the moon and ocean, then off to bed.

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