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The actual thing I want to see near Hyden is not The Humps or Mulka's cave but the Wave Rock. Before going to the Wave Rock itself, I do the walking trail there, which first leads me to 'Hippos Yawn' – a rock that eroded in a way that it now really looks like the open mouth of a hippo. Cool thing about this Hippo: You can walk into the mouth and climb through a hole at the back (so you get eaten alive by the Hippo) and from there climb on the Hippos head. After Hippos Yawn, the walk continues over the salt lakes there. All along the walking trails there are – like everywhere on Australias walking tracks – signs that give you informations about e.g. the history of the settlers in this area or the flora and fauna, etc. etc. Of course I have to read them all!

Note: By now I start to believe that I might hold the record for the most read signs on Australian walking tracks ;-)

One of the salt lakes is actually a REAL salt lake, where the whole ground is covered with a thick layer of salt. And there on this lake someone placed a canoe... Maybe as a statement that one should always be optimistic, even in hopeless situations... Or maybe just for fun :-p Anyway I sit in the boat to test it and actually it doesn't sink ;-)

Last but not least I visit the famous Wave Rock! I have to say... it is pretty and quite and interesting thing (by the way: The whole rock is actually called 'Hyden Rock' and the Wave itself is only a rather small – nonetheless the most interesting - feature of the whole rock.) But to do whole journey only for this thing... I wouldn't do it... But in combination with all the other stuff around that I did, Hyden is a great place to visit. Coolest thing about the Wave Rock for me is that I meet some Swiss people there! A couple (maybe around 40) is sitting at the bottom of the Wave Rock and taking some pictures. When I realize that they speak Swiss German I have to start talking to them :-) It's a really great feeling to be able to speak Swiss German again – and also getting the answer in Swiss German. Of course I love speaking English or French, but still this chat in my native language feels good :-)

Now I decide that I've stayed in the outback (or at least away from the sea) long enough and start driving towards the coast. My final stop for this day is in Collie (still not at the coast) where I look for a place to stay for the night. And I find just the perfect spot! Collie lies at the Collie river and a little bit outside of the town there is the 'Minninup Pool', a realy really REALLY beautiful part of the Collie river where it is broad and deep, just perfect for swimming. I get out of the car, into my swimming trunks and jump into the water. And it is just heavenly! Perfect temperature, clean and clear water, beautiful scenery... Unfortunately my brain starts to think of all the crocodiles, snakes and other dangerous creatures, while I'm swimming there all alone. Thank you very much brain for this...

So if you ever pass in Collie: Don't forget to got to the Minninup Pool! It is beautiful there. The only flaw of this place... Big flies (the size of bees) that want to suck your blood. And it seems that my blood is the most delicious thing for them. So delicious that they even die for it! If it's what they want I'll give it to them with pleasure!

Note: Sometime in the last few days I got my back quite well sunburnt. And there a big disadvantage of travelling alone has occurred to me: I have no one to apply my aftersun soothing gel to the spots I cannot reach :-P

Oh I totally forgot: It's been a big day for my and my car! I personally did the 3'333th kilometre of my trip so far. And my loyal Commodore passed its 222'222 kilometre in total! If I had had a possibilty to keep it cold I would have bought Champagne and in the evening I would have washed my car with it ;-)

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