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The Tule tree

The mezcal still

Roadside view

Mitla temple ruin

Possible quilt pattern?

Roadside view including agave crop for making mezcal

Saturday 2/28

We got an early start from Oaxaca to see a few more things in the area. First stop was the Tule Tree, the largest tree in Mexico. I wouldn’t disagree! Our guide said it took 30 people holding hands to reach around it, and that looked about right to me.

Next we went to a distillery to see how mescal is made. This is the true ‘Mexican Gold’, so they say. It is made from the fruit of the agave plant, a large, fibrous ‘pineapple’ in the middle of a very prickly cactus. The fruit is roasted underground for six days, then crushed with a stone wheel, then fermented and distilled. Looks like white lightening to me! On our drive later we saw fields of the plants, and several small distilleries.

The small ruin of Mitla, the Zapotec city dedicated to ceremonies for the dead. The Spanish built a church on the actual temple, but a couple of other buildings remain of the complex. There was especially fine carving designs that would convert to a quilt block pattern quite well. I took close-ups so I can sketch it out.

After lunch we headed south to Tehuantepec for an overnight stop on the way to San Christobal de los Casas. I guess some tours do an overnight by bus. It was a two lane road up and down over the mountains, and four hours was enough for me today. We just went to a hotel to rest up for the rest of the journey tomorrow. Note to self: don’t sit in the back of the bus on mountain roads. Also,they have some powerful speed bumps down here!

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